Welcome to the Stud Book of Chile


With the name of Permanent Record, it was initiated by Club Hípico de Santiago, during the first years of its existence, a Book in which were recorded the antecedents of all racehorses. In the year of 1.883 was made an edition of 500 copies.

Considered by Club Hípico de Santiago the need to replace the publication of the Permanent Record for a work that correspond due to their importance to what should be a work of this nature, it agreed in conjunction with Valparaíso Sporting Club and the Club Hípico de Concepción, meet that need. Designated the Valparaíso Sporting Club to take charge of the preparation of the Stud Book of Chile, the institution charged his Secretary Mr. Juan Stewart Jackson, the task of compiling the necessary data. Accomplished this task, it was published in 1900 the first volumen of the Stud Book of Chile.

A few years later, the Club Hípico de Santiago returned to take over the Stud Book under the chairmanship of Mr. Julio Subercaseaux Brown, publishing his second volumen in 1907 and making a significant economic effort, commissioned imports of the most important collections of Stud Books of the world, invaluable material for the accuracy of their data where the information resided origin of all thoroughbreds horses imported into the country and formed the basis on which the Stud Book of Chile was formed.

The Stud Book of Chile has continued since its foundation until today under the eaves of Club Hípico de Santiago, publishing every three years its volumes with all necessary data of stallions, broodmares and their production. The book was published in paper until 2000, after that, all the information was emptied to the electronic system being published online on the website of Club Hípico de Santiago.